Tuesday, July 10, 2007

West Seattle Street Fair

Ok, here's the deets for this weekend's show. I'd be remiss if I didn't announce the specifics after all the hubbub about where I was going to be this weekend.

West Seattle Festival
Dates: Friday through Sunday, July 13 - 15, 2007
Hours: Friday and Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 11am-7pm
Saturday night street dance at 8pm
Location: at "The Junction" - the center being where California Ave SW intersects with SW Alaska
Booth Location: in front of Jak's Grill, just a few booths north of the main intersection (#88)

This is a fun neighborhood festival, and it's really well attended by the locals. Everyone comes out to support the little downtown West Seattle party. There are food booths, kids activities and a mini fun area, music stages, the shops have sidewalks sales of great bargains, the restaurants fence off bigger patio areas on the sidewalk and have food and drink specials, and several blocks are closed off for all kinds of booths - from local businesses to import stuff to handmade arts and crafts - a little soup of everything. There is always a line up for ice cream at the Husky Deli too.

I'm still gathering some small stuff to have a little clearance sale myself - some gift bags mostly, all different kinds, handmade paper, some organza too, and maybe some floral garlands that I can't find a use for. I'll have some sort of sale corner for sure, for all my bargain hunter peeps.

It's going to be 90+ today! My tomato plants are going to be so, so happy. I think they are growing at least 6 inches a day. I can't wait for fresh cherry tomatoes. And I'm off to work at Collage this morning. Such a lovely view of the lake from the front door - and everyone will be out enjoying the sunshine at lunch. Well, I hope they will anyway, instead of hiding inside in the air conditioning.

(Yay! Ichiro is staying here! Yay!)