Friday, July 20, 2007

Save the Dates

I've updated the CALENDAR this morning to add in more shows for the fall and winter.

I'll be doing the Farm Girls Holiday show in September, a new show with a focus on recycled and re-purposed art as well as holiday gift crafts. It's out at Swan Tail Farms in Snohomish, which looks gorgeous, and I'll be located in the old Cider Barn. Yippee Ki Yay!

I've also been accepted back to Salmon Days on the first weekend of October. And I've filled in the full schedule of Allied Arts Holiday Festival dates which run from Nov 23rd through Dec 23rd this year. The location is still being worked out, but there is a new director there this year who is energized and excited to get this wonderful organization back on track.

And finally, I've added the Hilltop Holiday in Bellevue, at the Northwest Arts Center, Nov 28 - Dec 1.

An update on the Lord Hills Farm and Vasa Park shows - there is still no buyer to take over those shows, so sadly it looks like those will not continue in any way this year. That's a big chunk of shows, running once a month in September through December. Sigh.

And with the Best of the Northwest show falling on a very popular weekend, I will be missing out on my beloved PLU show this time around. I hate to disappoint my Tacoma and south end folks, but I can't be in two places at once personally manning my booth. So I'm giving the Best NW show a shot this time and we'll see how it all works out for next year.

I'm waiting to hear on a few more shows to fill in, and I'll post any news here and update the calendar as soon as I know more.

Last note - if you haven't already pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book, you can buy it here, at for a really nice price, plus they put profits towards building libraries in Asia. So everyone will be buried in a book this weekend?