Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is it warm in here?

Or is my skirt on fire?

Sheesh, sometimes I think it takes lighting a bonfire under my butt to really get me to focus on the deadlines. I have to set up the Bellevue show this evening, and one would assume that I would be pretty much ready to go by now. Maybe just pulling together the last little pieces. Yet, I have almost no soap ready this morning.

Woke up crabby and tired. I've got a huge amount of work to accomplish today. And there's not a lot of time. So it's lockdown.

A rather important quality that a self-employed person should have is work discipline. The ability to set their own deadlines and make them happen. Mine has been pretty lax lately - although I readily admit that ever since high school I've always waited until the last minute. Somehow I need that gigantic cloud of doom or die to truly focus. It's probably a complete lie that I tell myself I work better under pressure. It's certainly not more comfortable. And I'm not getting any more work done this way either.

So why am I sitting here typing? Once I get into the rhythm of it, it should go pretty quickly today. And some of my best ideas happen while I'm in that groove. Looking forward to a very productive day. Hand me that fire extinguisher over there, will you?