Monday, July 23, 2007

Flogging the Blog

Hee! I was so hell-bent on those darn category labels for all my posts yesterday. It felt like I spent hours working out the major themes, backtracking through the last few months of posts and re-labelling them. And then it turns out that almost every single one of them has the same darn name - either A Day in the Life, or Shows and Festivals. Doh!

I guess it was a good exercise in order to see what the Sam Hill I'm jabbering away about on a daily basis. But it IS show season, and part of the business here is to inform the peeps of where I am and what is going on. And the daily life stuff? I guess that was the point of the whole blog anyway. To give anyone with a little time on their hands a glimpse into what it's like to live my life and try to make a living off the suds.

Now that I've got a little structure and purpose to the whole mess, the categories will expand and become more user friendly. Baby steps. It's coming along. I spent way more time messing with it than I should have yesterday. But yanno, once you get started, it gets a little obsessive.

And the Feed Burner icon is now available and ready for subscribing. If you already know what that is, skip this part. For those who are brand new, here's the down low in what I hope is the most basic language. A feed lets you "subscribe" to a number of blogs that you are interested in, compiling them in a list at their site (or your own email inbox), so that you have the one handy list instead of trying to rummage around your bookmarks on a regular basis and visit each one individually. The biggest benefit is for those blogs that are a little erratic or not daily, so that it lets you know when new content or a new blog entry has been posted. You check your list when you can and all the new stuff is waiting in one spot for you.

There are thousands of web feed programs, and you can use whichever one you are familiar with if you're already in that game. If this is new, but sounds pretty cool, then you can use the new "Feedburner" option. It's now part of the Google family, really user and browser friendly, interfaces seamlessly with my blogger account and just a click away for the easiest blog reading around. Questions - just give it a click and see in an instant what it looks like, the sign up takes seconds, and it's free, free, free.

I think I'm done fussing with the big stuff, but there will always be a little more tweaking. I like to change up the colors from time to time. Probably a new banner photo when I get time to play. More questions or comments? Just leave a note here or email me.