Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer Vacation

The last few days have been warm, dazzlingly sunny and picture perfect. Combined with the mid-week holiday, the whole week has felt like summer vacation. Long mornings in the back garden playing with the cats while reading and sipping coffee. Pleasant outings around town, the holiday family barbeque, dinner with friends, a short jaunt to Mt Baker - it's all been lazy and relaxing, even though I squeezed in a bit of work here and there too. The photo above is Baker Laker and Mt Shuksan. There's nothing prettier than the summers here. And we've had the most beautiful week I can remember in a long time.

But alas, today is Monday and back to work. There's a bunch to get ready for the West Seattle Festival this coming weekend, so I'm zipping through a list today. I'm hoping the little mental break will have me in the mood to create stuff and imagine up the fall seasonal product line. I'm going to go a little more simple this time, I think. Not as many bags and bows and items. I've been feeling like my show display has so much going on that it's hard to take it in.

I've sort of reached a jumbled state of gift bags and sets, accessories, several different styles of tins, etc. So I'm going to sort through it this week and maybe have a little clearance sale of some of my accumulated packaging stuffs this weekend. West Seattle is sort of a local block party and sidewalk sale for the shops at The Junction. So it might be the perfect place to sell the extras - have a little clearance sale on gift bags and such. I'll keep you posted on what comes up.

Maybe I'll get to catch a little lunch out back with this little cookie - who can resist a lounge chair in the shade?