Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vive la Vie

I see London. I see France. How was Bastille Day? I had a piece of quiche for breakast and brought home a baguette from that lovely newish bakery over there – Bakery Nouveau. Some lady in front of me in line was giving the poor, overworked cashier gal an earful of “I hate to say this, but your pastries are quite expensive.” Nah. They are a few cents more than say Safeway’s donuts, but their croissants and brioche goodies are pretty much the same as any other little storefront bakery here. And they are worth every penny. William Leaman is the super talented pastry chef guy there and every single item I’ve tried is superb. The quiche is so silky and custardy, the brioche rich and luscious, the croissants super flaky, everything extra delectable. Very French and traditional and lovely.

So . . . the West Seattle show – I guess I wouldn’t say it’s wildy successful. But it is mildly successful. My great big blowout sale of extraneous doodah is being largely ignored. But a bunch of friendly regular and loyal customers have come by to chat and stock up – so it’s been a pleasant few days with the exception of a couple of uncomfortably hot hours yesterday afternoon. For a brief time in the afternoon, the heat kept creeping up and the breeze died completely. Sweating is not pretty.

But by the evening we were back to the breezes. The marine layer was drifting in with lower temperatures and clouds. A cool night, a cloudy morning, and then we’re on track for another bright and beautiful afternoon in very comfortable mid 70s.

Folks were gathering for Saturday night dinner out, the big street dance and bar hopping on the ave. But I was done in, just like all the other artists, the booths zipping up and vendors scooting out.

I’m back on the borrowed computer trying to compose something here, very discombobulating. I had to cave and buy a new printer Thursday because my big beast finally died and refused to move. Nothing in the world could coax it to print another label. I tried. I turned it off and on forever, resetting it, unplugging it, moving it, jiggling it. All my usual tricks which usually resulted in a couple of slow pages before it needed another nap. In a fit of panic and pique I just hauled it out of the office altogether and made a run to the store to buy a new model with a peppier attitude. I needed labels -- and quick. I needed to copy and print and do business stuff. So I’m printing, but still not getting any internets. The wireless device is kaput or my computer is deaf, I’m not sure which. I’ll have to deal with all those diagnostics and repair shop banter on Monday.

Lovely to see you all folks who stopped by this weekend! I'm still there today from 11 to 7. Pizza by the slice at the new Garlic Jim's. Easy Street has bazillions of cds on sale and a killer breakfast. The antique mall and thrift shops have exploded on to the sidewalks with deals and steals. Come on by --