Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Surf's UP!

Wheee! I'm back and surfing the internets! The technology is up and running once again. Huge sigh of relief.

So of course it was equipment malfunction and I needed to buy more stuff. The wireless doojobby was working intermittently, which means that every time somebody else even walked in the room, it would work. When anyone tried to look at it, it was fine. When I took it to the repair shop, it was fine. When I got it home, it worked for a couple of glorious hours and then quit for the day. When I was home alone trying to work, it was down. So basically, nobody could figure out what was wrong with the whole picture, because the wireless piece of crap was playing games with me. It would be all polite, obedient, and well dressed for anybody else. But when it was just me here? It would stick out its tongue and refuse to function. No sweet talking, treats, or cajoling helped. No amount of threats, punishment or kicking it helped either.

Well, it's out the door now, given the pink slip. And the new Mr Wireless doojobby is hard at work bringing me the glorious world wide web right to my sticky little keyboard and smudgy screen. It's all good again.

I've had an inordinate amount of techno-trouble this year. I have no idea why. But the thought has crossed my mind (a lot) that maybe I should just pack it all in and move to some remote acreage where life is simpler and easier to manage. No computers, no hardware, no software, no wireless anything. No blackberries except for the kind that tear your pants and stain your fingers. People talk to each other face to face. I know, weird huh? Of course I couldn't stand that kind of life either. So I've persevered with the electronica, and for this evening at least, there is full function with all my many pieces. Life is grand.

And it's raining too. We've had such a long, hot, dry spell that the plants were parched. It was so nice to see them perk up, get all green and happy today during the entire day of drizzle and rain. And we've got more on the way. That super fresh, moist and lush feeling, everything all rinsed clean, the scent of wet dirt drifting in the air. A little summer rain once in a while is a wonderful thing, as long as it's over before I have to set up for the next show ; )