Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Chillin'

We're supposed to have a heat wave the next day or two. That means upper 80's, maybe 90 degrees here. It's a high heat warning. Heh - pansies we are in the Northwest. We're just not used to it. It's like that every summer day in the rest of the country. Phoenix and Las Vegas with their 117 must think we're nuts. But the folks will be sweating and complaining anyway. I sorta like it.

Yesterday I made a few test batches of fall soaps. I tried out 3 new combinations which I hope will work out. The first one was a sweet pear with a hint of lavender and clove - a little spice and sophistication to the fruitiness. The second one was a Cinnamon Spice combo - a new version of holiday spice type stuff just to try something different. And the last one was a Mandarin Persimmon soap with cranberry seeds. It's orangey, fruity in a kind of deep berry or pomegranate way, and the teeny seeds I hope won't be too scratchy, but just the right little addition. But it's just gelling now overnight. So it's too early to tell how anything will turn out.

I've got lots more show stuff to do today. So I better get cracking before it gets hot around here. I already got a bit of a late start because I got caught up watching the Tour de France on tv with my morning coffee. The castles and countryside are so charming. I think we've declared it French Week here. Celebrating Bastille Day on Saturday, watching the tour, and eating everything French-like. Like tiny nicoise olives and warm goat cheese on the salad. Herbs de Provence and a little mustard on the chicken. French wines. Baked eggs with baguettes and cafe au lait for breakfast. Mmmmmm.

If you're not doing anything else Saturday, Cafe Campagne is having a Bastille Day celebration in the little courtyard next to it - Post Alley. It's my favorite place for breakfast on the rare occasions I can swing it. Saturday from 11am-11pm they are serving pommes frites and other little foods for $5 each, french wines, music etc. A little French party, oui oui. I don't think I can actually make it myself since the West Seattle show goes to 8pm. But I'll be there in spirit and maybe have a glass of champagne when I get home.