Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling. I dunno. YOU come up with a title every day. It's hard.

Yes, I've been messing around with the look of the blog. I got bored. It looked like everybody else's. I was just going to change the header picture, maybe. Or a couple of font colors. And then I got a little caught up. I'm not sure I like what happened, but I wasted so much time that I almost had a panic attack when I finally came out of the stupor and saw the clock. There will be more tweaking as time permits. I'll try not to get too crazy.

I'm also tinkering with the web site. Just adding a few lines of copy here and there, straightening the hem and tucking in the tag that sticks out in back. But the entire thing will be re-vamped when the fall newsletter and products get announced the first week of September. With a groovy new fall look, pictures of leaves and trees -- that sort of thing. I'm trying to get myself motivated to think of fall and winter while we are enduring this heat wave, but to be honest, it's just not coming all that easy. I've still got a few weeks though before the whole thing has to go off to the printer and get stuffed into envelopes. It feels so far away -- how can it possibly be just a month from now!?!

Um, so, yeah. I'm still really, really trying to get ready for Bellevue in a couple of days. Did I mention really? Dude. I think my brain fried over the weekend. Or ADD is catchy. This wandering around in circles trying to remember what I was doing in that room, and why am I carrying around this pot holder and a pair of scissors . . . ugh.

Reminder: I will NOT be in Tacoma tomorrow for the farmer's market -- I'll be off to Bellevue to set up for the weekend.