Saturday, July 15, 2006


Lousy day yesterday, sorry to report. Fridays are always slow business at the West Seattle fest, but yesterday was particularly bad. Partly because of my location, partly because the new organizers were still figuring things out a bit, partly because it was much hotter than forecast and I faced into the sun for a long bit, partly because at this point I am just plain exhausted and was low energy.

I tried to get a good night's sleep and awaken fresh and ready for a brand new day. But the cat who has been so lonely and hungry for days decided that last night was payback time. Prowling the backyard looking for a fight, getting into trouble, needing midnight snacks and then getting sick this morning after her big binge. I'm dragging and feeling a little emotional and edgy, but will head back over there in a bit. Catching up on the Tour de France on tv while I drink an extra cup of coffee. I wish I was nursing a Bastille Day headache instead, and cheering madly from those little campers speckled across the countryside, chateaus and medieval monasteries dotting the landscape. A girl can dream.

West Seattle is a neighborhood fun fest. Music all day. Beer gardens and cocktail tents spilling out from all the restaurants. Kids carnival. All the merchants have opened up their back rooms and have piles of clearance items and sales tables in front of their establishments. The local businesses have little sidewalk tents to sell insurance, bank services, vinyl windows, new gutters, chiropractic offices, political groups, the brown UPS truck, school raffles . . . everything from soup to nuts. And the festival tents down the middle of the street is basically a world bazaar. You will find imported shirts, beads, sarongs, silver jewelry, rugs, bags, flags from every corner of the planet. And a few of us sidewalk artists too. The folks certainly seemed to be having a great time, catching up with neighbors and buying trinkets for the kids.

More coffee. I need more coffee.