Friday, July 21, 2006


Busy week. Lots of odds and ends to finish up today. I can't believe it's not a full moon. I swear I slipped through a black hole and it was an alternate universe at the market yesterday. Very weird day. I still don't get it.

This is my first weekend off in a month -- sandwiched between another three huge weekends coming up. I have no idea what to do. I'm waivering between nothing at all and a bunch of fun summer activities. Except it's supposed to be HOT.

So I'll take it easy, go with the flow, try to stay cool, and do anything but think about soap for the next two days.

My gigantic moonflower plant is producing so many flowers this year. A huge, beautiful bloom opened up last night, and in this heat, it will only last until noon today, I guess. But I've got three more ready to open tonight. It's so amazing -- I'll try to post a picture if I can catch it. But I've got plans to sip drinks and watch girls do theatre this evening. Maybe I can catch it early tomorrow morning while there is a little more light.

And by the way, the new fall soaps are really, really good. I've got the Asian Pear next to me as I type and it's so pretty and fresh. The Moroccan Fig is better than ever -- the figgy portion is a slight variation and so ripe and luscious. There's a Gingersnap with a nice earthy bite, and some kind of Pumpkin Something, which is more cinnamon and vanilla than pumpkin at the moment. I'm waiting to see how it develops before hatching up a name. Jack O'Lantern? Pumpkin Moon? Or something altogether different if the pumpkin-y portion doesn't come out. Cinnamon Stick? Anyway, it's too darn hot today to think about crackling fall leaves, and bobbing for apples, witches and goblins and fireplaces.

I've got patio parties, fruity drinks, suntan lotion, and sizzling grills to attend to.