Saturday, July 08, 2006

Choochokam rocks

Today could not have been a more perfect day to ferry over to Whidbey Island. The view from my tent is amazing -- I think I have the absolute best spot in the entire show. I'm directly across from the boy and his dog statue that looks out over the water, and watched the kids digging in the tides early that morning, kayaks skim along the shore, and boats amble back and forth all day. The sky was a magnificent blue with not a cloud to be found. The mountains were all crystal clear, their snow peaks standing above the horizon. And the temperature was perfect, with a slight breeze. The kind of summer day you dream about.

Folks from all over were visiting on summer vacation, lazing away the day at their beach houses, and stopping in for a little shopping and shimmying to the all-day bands. And I got to talk to some really cool soapmakers and share tips . . . from right there in Whidbey, to Camano Island folks, to a couple from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Fun to hear what everyone else is doing, and to know that every one of us adamantly hates the onslaught of the dreaded "melt and pour" soap and is devoted to keeping the real stuff, the authentic recipes and the make-it-from-scratch spirit alive.

We're still there all day Sunday -- 10am to 5pm. The ferry lines were a breeze. The mood? Totally and completely mellow. What summer is all about.