Monday, July 31, 2006

Humming along

This is my new hummingbird feeder, from Andrew. He was my neighbor at the Bellevue fair and a good friend. It might take awhile for the little hummers to find it, but it looks great in the garden anyway. It has a little hole in that top "flower petal" piece which they stick their little beaks in, and they have a 4-inch tongue which sucks up the sugar water. Can't wait to see if they start using it.

Andrew had a record breaking weekend at the Bellevue festival -- best single show of his entire career. That was so fun to watch. He had customers lined up every minute of every day to buy baubles and finials, pond balls and bird feeders. My weekend was pretty great too -- because we had such an outstanding location and the weather was perfect for people to shop. Not too hot, not too sunny, and only a small shower late in the day Sunday. Very pleasant all the way round. Excellent pizza from the California Pizza Kitchen just behind us, comfortable weather, wonderful sales, good people.

On to the week ahead. This coming weekend is the Anacortes Arts Festival. I'll do a post tomorrow with all the details. Today I need to unpack, catch up, get organized and work my tail off trying to make soap and getting a bunch of stuff ready for the next ginormous sale. This two week period is such a huge time crunch. Super long hours, nose to the grindstone. The only thing that makes it bearable is the big chunk of money coming in . . . and the adrenaline.