Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Big Show

We went to the Lake Union fireworks show last night, like we do every year. They are the best, by far. At our favorite spot, pressed up against the railing at the very end of the pier near Chandler's Restaurant, we watch the boats jocky for position as the sun sets behind Queen Anne hill, the pinks and purples in the sky, mirrored in the waves. Glorious evening. A lightening storm in a single brightly lit cloud was flashing and shooting jagged bolts over to the east, it's own fireworks show, and keeping us occupied as we waited.

I'm working on my camera skills still. But decided to try out the "fireworks" option on my camera, just to see what I could get. Obviously, they didn't come out that great. But the special effects are kind of interesting. I suppose if one were truly serious, they would have brought a tripod, or at least set the camera on the railing instead of just holding it in the air while jostling about in a crowd.

So impressive this year. New colors, like peachy oranges, citrusy yellow greens, brilliant turquoise blues. And an unbelievable set of petal pink and lime greens. And new effects -- like the red planets below, some fuzzy dandelion thingies, little purple rockets that shot up and drifted down timelessly for what seemed like minutes, looking exactly purple coneflowers or echinacea blooms that turn into parachutes. Hard to describe. Smiley faces, red hearts, big yellow, blue and green block shapes. I don't know how they keep coming up with these amazing shapes. But it's one of my favorite things in the world -- to watch the sky explode with shapes, color, loud booms, fizzling sparks, dramatic kabooms of light and sound. I don't really need the lousy photos to remember it all, but it's fun to have a few of these silly string shots to remind me of some of my faves.

So onward this week. This coming weekend is Choochokam in Langley, and with the market again tomorrow, it's going to be an intense couple of days making lip balms, packaging soap bars, and getting ready. Off to the races . . .