Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've juggled inventory this week, gotten some soap back, and taken stock. Most of the soaps that were temporarily "out of stock" on the web site are back. I'm still waiting on cinnamon spice and sacred smoke to cure a little more, but I think everything else is there. I'm going through the product lists again today, making adjustments and getting it all back online and spruced up.

Everything needs attention and maintenance, I guess. Just to make sure the little details are all on track. Inventory messages, colors and flavors available, all that stuff. After web site morning, I'm back to making more soap, and cleaning my desk. I've gotten it amazingly, sparkly clean. Now it's the little row of piles on the floor that need to be tackled - "to file" etc. My goal is one pile per day this week, so that every darn piece of paper that had accumulated here is handled, put away, or finally tossed. It's starting to look pretty good. The order and organization is making me sane again.

And I've gotten just enough space in my head to start thinking about fall projects - like decorating the house and doing stuff in the garden and picking up that knitting again. Maybe it's just an illusion, because I've really only got a week before Salmon Days, and then the whole November and winter holiday stuff needs to be full on. But I'm not thinking about any of that this week. I refuse. I need a window. Just a few more days of peace and quiet.