Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Puyallup Fair 2007

Just stretching my legs after spending a day in the car . . . what?

I set up my dispay at the Puyallup Fair today - in the Artists in Action building. We have a little handcrafted artisan boutique in the Grandstand building with all kinds of artists. There is a mix of pottery, fiber arts, painting, basketry, jewelry and a bunch of other stuff, which is my category.

I don't know until I arrive what kind of space I will have or how big it will be. Last year it was a big walk-around thingie. This year it is an "L" shape against the wall, but I think it looks pretty good. I've got all kinds of shelf space and a nice central spot. So the gift bags are hanging right out front, and I've got room to showcase the regular stuff, some new stuff, and some holiday gift stuff too. I brought a few new items this year that I was experimenting with just for the fair - they are not on the web site or listed in the fall mailer. Just a couple of things to try out, and if it all goes great, I may have them available later, for the holidays or winter mailer, I'm not sure. I wanted to start small and see how it all worked out. Oh, I guess I could mention what it is, eh? Incense wands (Vanilla Spice and Sandalwood) wrapped so cute in vintage encyclopedia pages with beautiful ribbon, and a new version of bath and body oils in sweet little jars - tall style bottles with charming new labels and French bakery twine ribbon. Shoot, I should have taken a photo to post, but completely forgot while I was there shuffling it all around.

I'm just so damn skippy happy that I got enough together to fill my space in this last two days of panic. Of course I'll be bringing more stock with me each time I go over, and I've got 2 shifts coming up this weekend. I've got a few more things I wanted to stock up on, and fill in holes now that it's all in place and I know what I've got to work with. But I'm satisfied with how it worked out today, so now I can focus on the next thing. Soap of the Month packages go out tomorrow morning. And the mailing gets stuffed and mailed, probably hits the Post Office Thursday. So I'll need to get the web site updated in the next 2 days too. That's my plan, but I've got to work at the shop tomorrow too, so there's not a lot of time to play around.

Anyway, I wanted to post the details on the Puyallup Fair gig, in case anyone's headed over there in the next two weeks.

Puyallup Fair

The Fair is open September 7th through the 23rd. Sunday through Thursday 10am-10pm. Fridays and Saturdays 10am -11pm. Yes, that means it opens this Friday night. The rodeo kicks things off at the beginning. Mmmm, cute cowboys.

I am a part of the "Artists in Action" area, which is in the Merchants Building -- the lower level of the Grandstand, at the west end, next to the Fisher Scone windows. It's a boutique style craft show, with lots of pottery and fiber arts, demos every day with artists demonstrating their techniques and craft. It's a central cashier style thing, with all of us artists in baseball caps milling around on the floor, meeting and greeting our guests. Oh, and stuffing our faces with fair burgers, scones, deep-fried twinkies, chili cheese fries and um, stuff during our breaks. Ooof.

The website (www.thefair.com) has more info about maps, directions, parking, concert and event schedules, ways to get discounted tickets, the works.

Maybe I'll see you there, riding the rides in Sillyville? or hiding behind the 2-ton basket of curly fries?