Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday I was headed south to Puyallup to work my shift at the fair, and I began to follow a firetruck on the highway. Oooh, red! shiny! happy! And it was just a short way down the road that I realized I missed my exit, I was so mesmerized by, well, the firetruck. That's the state I'm in. Often totally distracted by shiny things and bright colors. Otherwise, mostly comatose and just staring at nothing.

So I'm giving it my best shot today, getting as much as I can pull together and ready for the Farm Girls show this weekend. I guess we're actually setting up yesterday and today. I realized that last night just before I fell over on my bed sideways. But I'm going to have to rush over early in the morning tomorrow to set up, I think. I'm not sure I can spare a few hours this afternoon to drive up there. We'll see.

Nose, meet grindstone. Yes, another one of those days. But I'm feeling happy today. The sun is shining the perfect crisp gold color that happens in the fall, and it's warm again after a few days that started to almost feel like winter. And most importantly, the end is in sight. I am not going back to the fair again, until tear down on Monday morning. What happens is up to the fates now. The Farm Girls show is just going to play out however it does. I'm going to pitch my best pitch and see where it lands. And push aside any regrets about planning or what I could I have done. It is what it is at this point, and I will do my best, get creative with what I've got and just show up with a smile. Because there is NO SHOWS for two weeks after this.