Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fair Play

I'm sure you're all groaning right now - oh no, not another post about that stupid fair. Well yes, yes, it is.

And the reason why I feel so compelled to talk about it so much, is it's driving me batty. I am truly in Sillyville here in my head. I've messed up several orders this week. I'm forgetting everything. I can't even remember my name or phone number any more. It's a wonder I can function at all.

The amount of work that goes into this show is unimaginable. My sales are up hugely from the first week last year, and I was agape at those numbers last year. I had to run over there again this morning with another load of inventory to stock up my little shelves, and by the time I got there, it was already not enough. But it's ok. They will buy what I have, and not have an inkling about what I had actually planned to have there. It looks good from anybody else's standpoint, but in my eyes I would have liked to have more of this, less of that, others of this. I've got pages of notes about what I want to do differently next year.

But that's all good. It's a growing and learning experience, and obviously it's going alright. They seem to like my stuff and all is well. Except my own sanity. Believe it or not I have another show next weekend to deal with too. The Farm Girls Holiday (which I will post links and details about shortly) is happening up in Snohomish on the last weekend of the fair. I'm really starting to question if I can pull it off now. Inventory is low, nothing is packaged, and time is short. But I really don't want to miss that, so I'll make it work somehow. Again, I won't have everything I had envisioned - but who's going to know but me?

I added another food blog to the link list this morning. I happened upon it by accident, but the photos and recipes for her desserts are so incredible, I just had to share it. Tartelette

One other cool thing that distracted me today while I'm supposed to be working, is the new feature by Blogger that is a slideshow of all the photos that are being uploaded. It plays in real time and is an amazing display of content from all over. It's fun to just watch what people are posting, and you can click the image to go directly to their blog and read the content too. If you need a little mental break, you can watch the show here.