Monday, September 03, 2007

A city of flowers

I've just gotten home from vacation and the bump back to reality is harsh. We went to Quebec City, attempting to land in a place that felt like being much farther away. It's almost like being in France, just closer.

So many flowers - gardens everywhere in full bloom, pots planted on every street corner and plaza, window boxes hanging from every single window in the whole town. The old stone houses, cobblestone streets, little narrow alleys, and restaurant tables with umbrellas sprinkled along the sidewalks were so quaint and cheerful. We had some incredible meals, and spent a lot of time just walking and admiring the beauty of the place. Generally I just wanted to change perspectives, habits and routines - see new things and get fresh ideas and inspiration to start out the new fall season.

In retrospect, the timing could have been a little better. Having such a short few days to finish up preparations for the fair and the fall mailing is probably a little too tight. But I can't get too worried just yet. My suitcase is barely unpacked and I'm still floating above the clouds a bit.

It was such a lovely place, a lovely week away from the grind, and just the breather I needed. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Tomorrow is back to work, back to school and the sort of unofficial end to our summer. The most exquisite combination of anticipation and dread. I know I'm feeling both right now. Gotta run, so much stuff to do today. Here are just a few pix from the trip:

"We were gone almost a month and everything was sensual. Everything was erotic. It's the gift of travel, where everything is infused with meaning, compressed, so you begin to see the golden strand that weaves life together. You are in a constant state of awe." ~Terry Tempest Williams