Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Urban Bites

If you haven't heard about the Urban Bites promotion yet, take a look at this -- and GO!

Eleven pretty great new restaurants in Seattle are participating in this "Urban Bites" promotion - a set menu featuring one drink and two small plates for the fixed price of $15. You can click on each restaurant and see the food and drink menu they are offering. Some of options look super tasty and tempting. It runs only through the month of September, from Sunday through Thursday, and during the whole dinner hour, not just Happy Hour. I'm trying to figure out if I have any open nights in the next couple of weeks, and how many I can hit up. Who wants to grocery shop and cook when you're so busy working?

The Puyallup Fair is going great - I spent the day out there yesterday. This morning I am finally finishing up those late labels for the new bath salts, so I can get those pix up on the web site today. More orders are heading out, as many as I can squeeze in before I have to head over to Collage for my shift this afternoon.

And it's back to the Fair again all day tomorrow. So much squeezed into so little time. Nuts.