Friday, September 14, 2007


News tidbits Friday.

The new fall seasonal bath salts are available on the site. Well, they always have been, but they didn't have a picture posted because the labels got a little wonky at the last minute. It took a couple of days to sort out, affix, photograph and upload, but it's been in place since Wednesday. And they look alright, maybe even pretty good. They smell divinely luscious: Vanilla Spice and Lavender Pear. You can buy them here.

I have had the Holiday Spice and the Spruce Garland sprays at the Puyallup Fair all week. They are usually announced in the Winter Holiday newsletter at the beginning of November, but since I have them available now, obviously, I decided to make them available on the site also. Just in case you are shopping early - or just because they are pretty nice scents for fall too, not just in December.

Double hip-hip-hooray - I just got the notification that I will be in the Phinney Ridge show again on the first weekend of December. It's usually my very best show of the year and I'm so darn happy I'm in. I've updated the Calendar with everything I can possibly think of, or know at this point. So it's totally up to date, and some of youl probably know more about where I'll be than I even do at this point, heh.

I've started getting the "nixie's" back from the post office. It looks like some folks have moved, changed addresses and aren't going to get the fall mailing (or any future ones either). Some of you guys have been great customers for a long time! So if you happen to check in here, have moved in the last year, or somehow didn't receive the fall mailing that went out over a week ago, then call or email so I can get you back on the list. I hate to lose track of you all - keep in touch!

I'm so happy not to have to be anywhere today. Just me, working at home, doing my thing, catching up. Huge sigh of relief.