Monday, September 10, 2007


Dreaming of being somewhere else. Already.

This last week has been all work, work, work and not a minute of play. I'm tired and well, just tired. Anyway, I've spent the day cranking out inventory for the Puyallup Fair, running stupid errands for supplies - stuck behind trains, stopped up at construction zones, and generally waiting in line when I didn't have a minute to spare. Plus working on a huge pile of orders to head out the door. It's felt like a marathon, and I'm never quite getting to the finish line. So I spend the night rearranging my lists and priorities in my head, and grinding my teeth and thrashing about. Sleep would be good, but it's not happening.

Of the mound of orders that happened over the weekend, everybody shipped today except one that didn't make the cut, because it included the new bath salts. The new bath salts have a slight delay in labels, hence they haven't had a photo uploaded to the site yet. I thought I could do it Sunday, and then hoped it would happen today, but it's still not quite ready. Tomorrow I'm back at the fair all day, so it doesn't look promising. But it's in the works and almost there - fingers crossed. I hate when that happens.

I also wanted to post the link to Laurie Sharp's site - she had the wool pets that I posted the other day, the sweet and most charming little needle felted stuff. She's got a gorgeous web site, with a gallery of all her little creations, and a blog too. Check it out HERE at All the little piggies, doggies, birdies, sheep and little woodland peoples. . . . yummm.

The studio is still calling tonight - still a bunch of labels and prices and packing to be done before I rush out the door tomorrow morning for the fair. I am thinking this: 1) that my life is just too darn boring to even blog about, and 2) that I'm stressing about stuff that is such small potatoes - does any of this even matter, really? and . . . well, . . . . ?

Is there anything even pertinent to the real world happening in my head? or is it all a little insulated planet of my own doing that has no grasp on what everyone else is involved in?

Here, HERE - I'm not completely out of it - I've seen all the gossip and video about Britney's lethargic and stupid VMA act last night. I watched Tim Gunn's new fashion show and am as appalled as anyone else about his "sweatsuit alternative" outfit - for cripes sake, who's going to walk their dog in a party dress? There is almost nowhere I go that a trenchcoat, little black dress and metallic ballet flats will work for me - his "must haves" are a joke, though I still love you Tim. And I think the show will shuffle out to be ok (yes, please?!). Yes, I'm paying attention the Iraq war report, and the Steve Fosset search, and the Osama Bin Laden stuff - the 9/11 anniversary tomorrow. Kay? I'm not brain dead or buried under my blankie. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Deep breath and big hope that it's just another day and life moves forward in a positive direction.