Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cute Stuff

I worked my shift at Collage yesterday and there are some new artists with really cute stuff! Michelle is brand new, and she's got loads of little sock creatures, silly and colorful, and so much fun.

Andrea Bowers has birdhouses, painted with darling little designs. There are full size ones, some smaller ones, and little decorative ones on sticks - plant stakes. I love seeing them hanging in the front window.

There are new items there all the time, and we've started putting in fall gift items too. I added the new fall soaps yesterday, and a few gift sets. But I'll be bringing in more each time I go in this month, just easing in slowly since the letter hadn't even gone out yet, and I've still got the fair to focus on for the next week or so.

The fall newsletter is headed over to the Post Office today, and should be in mailboxes tomorrow. So heads up - I am working on the web site all day. Trying to add new pages for each new item, hoping to get the photos uploaded too - although there are place holder photos on some things at the moment (a fall leaf). It's really going to be a little sketchy and muddled for bit while I'm doing all that - so don't rush right over until later this evening or tomorrow to see it. It's kind of a big process, making sure I've dotted all the i's and crossed the t's correctly. With this server, it's all live action, and not just one big upload of the whole new thing - so bear with me.

I'll post the newsletter online here tomorrow too, with links.