Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hope for Saturday

Yep, yep, yep, I knew it. The forecast had changed for yesterday. At Taste of Tacoma we had storm clouds, breezy bits and rain, sometimes lots of it, and it got quite wet. It seemed like it changed every five minutes, from a little sunbreak to a downpour in seconds, sometimes both happening at once. And it was just volatile and threatening enough that it kept the crowds at home. I've never seen the park so empty.

There's nothing more boring than sitting there all day staring at your neighbor across the way. Especially while enduring damp, chilly weather from sun up til sun down. It just leaves you with a chill clear through your bones that takes hours to melt. But the rest of the weekend is supposed to be dry, a little sunny and a bit warmer. We're all hoping for the best. Because no matter how busy it is the next two days, there is never quite a full recovery of a show when you've lost a whole day's sales.

The sunset last night on my way home was so pretty. Dark indigo clouds, glorious purples and streaks of pink and orange. All of it mirrored exactly in an almost glass-like calm on the waters of the bay. There were just a few small boats rippling through the majestic color palette as they headed home from a day on the water. The thought crossed my mind that I needed to stop and catch a picture of it. But it was just the time of day when it all happened within minutes, late enough that the last twinkles of light was turning to dark so quickly, by the time you found a place to stop the car for a photo, it was completely changed. The fleeting nature of it makes it even more special, feeling like you caught a rare moment of nature's majesty by the sheer fact that you were in the right place at the right time.

Last year on this weekend there was a parade of skimpy sundresses, short shorts, and ice cream covered faces. Today we're hoping for it to reach 70 degrees, so I'll pack my fleece and warm socks. Ah yes, summer in the Northwest. Sometimes I long for the hot summers of my Midwest childhood. But I know I'm remembering it all rosily, without the sticky nights, sweaty before breakfast, and clouds of mosquitos. This morning the sky is a cheerful blue and the birds are chirping merrily. And I've just made a yummy bacon, cheddar and green onion quiche - ooh, which needs to come out of the oven. Gotta go --