Thursday, June 07, 2007


Well, my display is all set up at Collage. It was pretty busy there yesterday, lots of stuff happening at once, so I think I'm satisfactorily initiated. I'm heading over in the next couple of days to fill in some more. It's hard to picture it all in your head while sitting on the floor of the office. And after I got everything unpacked and shifted around, I realized that I could shove a whole lot more on those shelves - really jazz it up. As of this moment I'm planning on running over tomorrow with more, but I need prep and pricing time and today is packed.

Ginormous eyeroll -- Paris is already out of jail. She's been in there pitching a fit since she arrived about how it's too bright in her cell, she can't sleep, can't eat and crying her poor little eyes out. If only it was really that easy to get a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. Well, a few tears and a bazillion dollars. If anyone needed a little more coaxing that life really isn't fair, there you have it.

I'm mired down in supplier hell too this morning. My huge-o order of pretty purple dragonfly sachet bags arrived stinking like musty, moldy, basement rags. Lovely little extra scent to the lavender sachets. I've aired them out, but it's not making a bit of difference. So they need to go back. The whole box of them. And I really needed them. Now.

I'm running circles to see if they can exchange them at this point, that the new bunch will not reek just as badly. Or I could pay twice as much and get them from another supplier. But that would take longer, cost more, and there's no guarantee that the other ones are any different. The entire container load or truck load or cargo load or whatever it is, could very likely all be made of the same crap. Bleh.

And the new ton of Dead Sea Salt which I was supposed to pick up tomorrow (yes, I waited til I was almost out of them) is now not arriving. It's on back order. And I really needed it. Now. Hopefully the boatload from the Dead Sea is arriving some time next week. Fingers crossed. Double bleh.

Plus I'm dangerously low on Healing Salve because the herb supplier was out of a couple of the main herbs I infuse the oils with. I need to make a special run to my back-up supplier, always short on time and never headed that direction. But it's got to start steeping this weekend so I'll have plenty of it ready for the Sorticulture show next weekend. Triple bleh.

Gotta run. Busy bee.