Friday, June 08, 2007

Flowers. I heart them.

The hanging basket at my front door. Love. It's starting to fill in so nicely - the four different kinds of lobelia all tangly and the huge, pink fuschsia blossoms languishing seductively off the sides. Can't wait for another month when it's so beautifully overgrown that it takes one's breath away.

By that point I will have a new camera and might actually be able to take a picture that does it justice. One can dream. About the photo talent that is. Not the camera. The camera is a for sure thing. Because my current model is quite old now, the batteries die about every 10th photo, and I think the boat guy stepped on it and broke it when we were in Mexico. It was in perfect order when we started out (well, perfect is relative - it's had it's share of accidents), and then mid-day after a few stops, suddenly it had broken the little hatch-piece thingie that holds the battery compartment closed. I am making due with tape and a lot of awkward grasping. I think I've found my new little sporty number. I just need to get over to the store and give it a little test drive and plunk down the money while it's still on sale.

Sunny Fridays are so happy.