Thursday, June 14, 2007


Everyone loves a parade!

There are so many parades, festivals and celebrations this weekend, that if I wasn't going to be hanging out at my lovely garden show, I don't know how I would choose what to do. Summer solstice parades and art cars and the Fremont Fair madness, the Edmonds Art Festival, Juneteenth . . . the list goes on and on. And then there's Dad's Day on Sunday. We're having a lovely outdoor brunch with a view. Hope the weather will be lovely, at least for a few hours in the morning.

But today is only Thursday. And I'm off to set up my booth at Sorticulture. I've put the finishing touches on a last couple items before coffee this morning. The loading of the car beckons.

And I've got to keep an eye on the hummingbirds. The cats are desperate to catch one, and there are several birds which hang out and feed here all day long. They seem to know what's up - keeping a watchful eye on the little furry numbers who think they are invisible behind a leaf that barely covers their head. And I've caught the birds actually teasing the cats by zooming up and down over their heads while they are crouched in stealth mode, watching their little ears and eyes jump back and forth. It should be endless entertainment for us all.

What I'm working on lately: Trying out some new skin care creams. Infusing big jars of vodka with melons or pineapple and mint. Skipping a day between shampoos like my stylist implored me - at least for a week. Eating melon, every new kind, and trying new melon recipes. Sketching out ideas to revamp the website. Dreaming up fall product ideas, ugh, yes, already. Ordering Fit Flops - they are all the rage in London and sold out here in like the first week. still has them at the moment, but they are backordered until mid-July, hurry.