Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Remains of the day

In the hurry and flurry of a busy day, when you hit the ground running and are dashing in a million directions, it's hard to focus your thoughts for a little blog entry. It takes a stopping point, like the quiet of an evening moment. A moment to sit down, have a meal, and take stock of what was accomplished, what is left to do and what is possibly possible with the remains of the day.

I loved that film, Remains of the Day. Besides being absolutely beautiful, I am so taken with the concept of the "remains" - the last little bits of a busy day that you can finally spend quietly by yourself, reflecting on all the activity, enjoying your own pleasures - whatever they may be - for even a few minutes.

However, I'm not there yet. I've still got at least a couple of hours of things still cooking -- watering the garden, finishing up the batch of soap, getting the last bit ready to take to the shop tomorrow. The remains will be only be a few short minutes when my head hits the pillow tonight. Other evenings drift on much longer. Like the tides, it all ebbs and flows.