Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunset Evenings

Days in the middle of June seem to go on forever. Tonight's sunset, overlooking the Everett waterfront from Legion Park tonight as I was leaving the show -- gorgeous.

The day started with crappy rain, which lasted until mid-afternoon. It dampened the crowds a little, but there were still bunches of early birds, pecking around for the rare species plants and one-of-a-kind garden goodies. And then the sun came out and everything shined.

What a pretty little show. Of course I bought a few plants. They've got wonderous things - like Kangaroo Apples which will grow 6 ft in a single season, bearing both purple flowers and little green crabapple looking thingies. There are dahlia folks, rose folks, fuschia folks. People who specialize in sedums, or hostas, bamboo or shade plants. Fabulous glass. Garden sculptures. Paving stones, fountains, birdhouses and recycled machinery people. It's all there. Plus the big ol' patio of antiques and garden junk treasures. And tomorrow should be even more kicking - come check it out!