Thursday, June 28, 2007

NOT at Choochokam

I will NOT be at the Choochokam Arts Festival this year in Langley. I just need to announce this very clearly. I have had so much confusion and chaos surrounding Choochokam this year that I want to make sure everyone knows the facts.

Yes, I applied to do the Choochokam show this year, even though the dates changed and it's on a later weekend than usual, which coincides with a couple of other shows that I usually do in July. The new committee somehow seemed to have problems getting notifications out, and specifically needed more information from me before deciding to let me in (maybe tossed my photos and brochures in the round file?). Response to my endless calls and emails was fruitless. In all the hubbub, I gave up and decided to do the West Seattle street fair again this year, which is closer to home. Sheesh, this is truly survival here and missing a show means I don't pay rent or eat. I had to have that weekend covered somehow. So when they finally called to accept me, I had already moved on.

So I WILL be at West Seattle on the weekend of July 13-15, NOT Choochokam. Now they seem to have forgotten all about our discussions, and the two people in a row who assured me that they would return my check, instead went ahead and cashed it. And even after they all apologized profusely for the mix up and assured me it would be taken care of, have gone ahead and listed me on their web site and given me a booth space anyway. Bah! I can't get in touch with anyone easily to resolve the situation. So until it's all fixed . . . I just wanted to say it here too:

I am NOT doing the Choochokam show in Langely in July. I know I've done it for years and years. It's always been a great show and I'll miss it dearly - I love going up to that little town. But the new organizers there (ha, organizers, oxymoron) have messed it up this time. Hopefully we'll all be on the same page next year. But that remains to be seen.

ETA: I've re-read my totally pissy post above and I'm sure it's all clear as mud and nobody cares. I was so steamed I couldn't even string a coherent sentence together, although you get my drift. But I've made literally dozens of calls today, to just about everyone who lives in Langley, and still can't get the grand poobah who's holding my booth fee hostage to call me back and resolve this. Still steaming and a bit panicky too now. That's a month's worth of groceries in that booth fee that was supposed to be returned!

And I really feel that I must apologize to all the dear folks doing the Taste of Tacoma show this year. It's a huge event - truly the biggest thing all summer in that neck of the woods. But it was raining all afternoon while we tried to set up stuff. Totally raining, not the little last lingering shower they were talking about. And it's got to be my fault. Because every single show I've done this summer has been drenched. It must be me. So even though the weather jokers are saying it's going to be dry with a few sunbreaks this weekend -- since I'm there? I just assume we'll get a downpour at some point. So sorry.

At least we don't live in Texas! Wow! Is the world coming to and end before winter even gets here? Stock up on survival gear now -- flashlights, batteries, canned goods, maybe an arc?