Monday, June 18, 2007

The clouds keep rolling

Oooh, Mondays after a show weekend are hard. So much unpacking, inventorying, re-organizing and general cleaning. Bank stuff, like counting up all the slips and checks and cash, putting through the credit transactions and deposits. I try to update my customer database with notes about the show too.

And then there is the usual stuff too, like laundry, mail and groceries since I've been gone for a few days. And catching up on all the other business I missed - phone calls, emails and orders and supplies. And there is a pile of new show applications here that need to be sent off. It's 4pm and I feel like I barely scratched the surface.

But Sorticulture was a great success for me and I was so pleased to be there. I met lots of new customers I hadn't seen at other shows before. Plus it was a lot of fun checking out the garden art and buying a bunch of new plants - some cool new shade plants for back under the tree and a few dahlias for my empty sun spots - always more color. I will definitely go back next year if they'll have me.

My only disappointment was the cool, rainy weather all weekend long which lasted until late this afternoon. We're expected to have a little sun the next couple of days, but then back to 60's or even 50s(!) by the solstice, with a lot more rain. I'm so jealous of all you folks in the rest of the country with hot summer weather. My barbeque is getting moldy and rusty out here!