Monday, June 26, 2006


Yesterday was a marathon of hours in the car, trying to get home from the Canadian Rockies all in one day. And now the house has exploded. How did all this stuff fit in one car? Plus the mountain of mail, newspapers, messages and packages that arrived this week, all piled up and demanding attention too. The kitty was on a hunger strike, protesting the decision to leave her behind, so now she's trailing every footstep, howling and eating her weight in crunchies.

The driving distances were so much longer than we had been given. But the scenery was stupendous. Four black bear sightings, one grizzly sighting, herds of elk, mountain goats, tons of deer with little fuzzy knobs on their heads, more glaciers and turquoise lakes than I can even remember. I will try to keep the silence, peaceful serenity and grandeur of it all in my head while I attend to all the every day business that is stacked up around here.

I've got quite a day ahead of catching up, laundry, orders to be rushed off, and the like. But it's ok. I think for one more day at least, I can still revel in the vast hugeness of life outside of this tiny desk, in this mini office, in a tiny little house, in the small world I inhabit. And not get stressed out about what I might have missed.

Keep cool! Enjoy this little blast of summer!