Monday, June 12, 2006

White Monday

It's Color Week!

I had no idea such a thing existed until I checked in with a couple of my favorite crafty bloggers this morning, and saw all the lovely white photos. So I'm IN! I’m going to be posting photographs of a different colour every day this week

Color Week was created by Stephanie at little birds and Arc and Mav at port2port. Anyone can join in, and the photos can be of anything at all. The schedule for the rest of the week is:

Monday - White
Tuesday - Brown
Wednesday - Black/Grey
Thursday - Blue
Friday - Red

I was hoping for a little practice in taking photos, and this is the perfect project for that -- just setting up the displays, creating a little still life vignette and working on my lighting and editing. It's still pretty new and amateur for me. But it was great fun this morning to see the pretty white pictures on the other blogs and run around the house looking for white stuff. I had no idea how much white was just staring me in the face. Kind of looking at my home with completely new eyes and seeing things differently -- new perspective is always good. So that sealed the deal for me. I will definitely do this every day this week, and try to come up with some cooler stuff now that I know about it and have time to look around better. These little white goodies were spur of the moment -- without my first cup of coffee even. Not that I'm making any excuses . . . I just hope that I can come up with some more really pretty pictures as the week goes on.

Thanks for the great idea!