Friday, June 30, 2006

The Glam Life

I wonder what other glam gals are doing on this Friday night -- a stunning, sultry evening, the kick-off to a long summer holiday weekend? I'm betting it isn't puttering down the highway, headed home at 10pm, slouched in the seat with her pants unbuttoned.

I have a lovely, open, shady and breezy corner spot at the Art a la Carte show, part of Taste of Tacoma. The fragrant waftings of the lavender sachets in the summer afternoon sun luring in all comers. These same lovely sachets, however, were not the big hit I had hoped. By the way, sachets are not "Sat-Chetts" (rhymes with Nurse Ratchett), but rather 'Sa-Shay' -- it's French. And they are used to scent drawers and closets, etc. They are not torture devices for small children, but you would never know it, from all the choking and gagging kiddies who stopped by to inhale, roll their eyes, howl, etc. I was starting to think I should pack them up and give it a break, but I actually sold a small number of them. So I'll play tomorrow by ear.

Anyway it was a pleasant day. So many activities too -- a kid's carnival with rides, several stages with really great music, radio station booths, free give-aways, and the food. So much food. Barbeque, jambalaya, jerk chicken, sushi, Thai noodles, melting cheesy Mexican, Greek gyros, burgers, dogs, grilled salmon caesars, curly fries, elephant ears, strawberry shortcake, cotton candy . . . how does one decide? And where's the Pepcid booth?

Can't keep my eyes open for another minute, and I've got a bit of work to do in the morning before I head out again. Glam girl/soap diva/lavender-wielding witchie poo, OUT.