Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pretty Feet Secrets and NEW STUFF!

A little lesson on how to keep feet in tip top shape for summer sandal weather:

It's three steps -- soak, scrape and smother. First you will need something to soak your feet in. I use a plastic dish tub, but any basin that's big enough to fit your feet into and cover the tops. Even the ol' bathtub is ok, it just takes more water. Fill with warm water and add roughly a 1/2 cup of salts. Bath salts are fine, dead sea salts are the best ever, Epsom salts are super cheap at any drug store and work great. The salts dissolve dead skin and soften everything up.

The next step is the elbow grease. While still soaking, start working the heels, toe callouses, and rough bits with some sort of abrasive tool. Pumice is great. I also have one of those wands that looks like an emery board used for manicures, but it's larger for feet -- has one side with a fine sander, one course side. Sand off all the areas that have toughened up. There is also a Microplane gadget that looks like a mini-grater, which works on real problem spots. Anyway, the point is to scrape, sand and rub out the dry skin bits that have built up, and get back to the healthy soft skin. Keep working away at it, until you feel like you've removed at least a few layers. And if it begins to feel tender, stop immediately.

Finally, dry off. Dump the junk. And slather up with the Foot Balm. It's great to do this at night, moisturize deeply, put on a pair of cotton socks and let it marinate overnight. But it's ok to just put on the sock and leave for an hour or so until it's all absorbed in. I guarantee your feet will be smooth, soft like a baby's toosh, and ready for their close-up. If you did this process once a week, you could become a foot model.

So here's the deal. I've finally gotten in my shipment of brushes and accessories. I have wanted to add a few things to the site that co-habitate nicely with my own products. And a handy little Foot Tool was at the top of my list. This one has two sides, which is really cool. The one side has a natural bristle brush, which I use just to clean off the daily dirt when meandering around barefoot or in flip flops all day. It's just a nice little brush for going the extra step with a bar of soap and lathers like a champ. The other side is the pumice tool. It's pretty, made with natural wood, an easy to hold handle, and a string to hang dry. Perfect all the way 'round.

I've just added a bunch of new items to the site today. I'm still making a couple of updates this morning, so if it doesn't come up immediately, try again in a few minutes. I'm re-loading a few pictures and fixing a few typos. But I couldn't wait to blog about the whole thing!

What I have is a collection of natural wood handled items, really pretty, very affordable, and indispensable for my beauty routine. A back/body brush with a long handle that detaches -- the head has a little hand strap and works like a charm for massaging the cellulite off thighs. A sweet little oval nail brush, that has an extra line of natural bristles that make quick work of removing the dirt from my hands and under my fingernails after gardening. I HATE to wear gloves, but usually I'm just out sipping coffee, perusing my kingdom and find a tall weed that had gone unnoticed. Next thing you know, it's half an hour later, I've covered myself in dirt and weeds, and my hands are a mess, the gloves never crossed my mind. So this little brush sits in the kitchen windowsill and saves me from looking like Farmer Brown.

I also now have a soap dish. Yes. Hooray. Finally. A soap dish. People have asked for a dish for so long. Mostly because my bars are square, and often don't fit into the little traditional soap dishes. This one is a very attractive natural wood, has grooves which channel the water away from the soap, and allow the bar to dry between uses for maximum longevity. Obviously, if a soap sits in a little dish of water day in and day out, it will begin to get mushy and deteriorate faster. There isn't a soap in the world that doesn't. I happen to think my bars last longer than most -- and a good twice as long as a commercial bar. But it will still melt a bit when sitting in a wet environment all the time. So this little number will keep it high and dry, while looking quite nice next to your sink or bathtub. And I suppose I don't have to mention it, but it's the absolute perfect size my one of my bars.

And finally, I have added a cotton boucle soap sack. This is not something I use daily, but I've tried it all week, and it's kind of neat. I know there are plenty of folks who use the nylon puffs or washcloths or any assortment of accessories with their bar of soap. The idea is the same -- it creates huge extra lather and has a nubby, soft texture to exfoliate or give a little extra rub to the soft side of a bar of soap. These little sacks are super soft when dry, nice little nubbly when wet, hold a bar of my soap like they were made for each other, and has a nice little drawstring tie that will hang to dry. It's perfect for adding the last little slivers of soap too. When they get just a little too small to hang onto, just drop them in the sack and you won't waste a thing.

Here's where you can find the whole assortment of new goods. I'm really excited to see if these work out!

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