Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday = Brown

Brown is my favorite color. I have so many gorgeous brown items in my house that it was really hard to choose what to photograph for today. I took a gazillion (technical term) pictures of all kinds of things -- a chocolate silk and velvet pillow with an exotic peacock feather pattern in turquoise blue, the rusted metal tree sculpture with ornaments of brown and pink beads that stands tall in my bedroom, my new beaded wedgie shoes (so hawt), lots of tins, boxes and decorative beauties, and finally settled on these two. This photo is a teeny charm that sits on my desk to remind me of my two beautiful little sisters (no, that's not actually them in the charm photo, hee). They are both fabulous wimmins and I am lucky to have them so close by.

Ruh Roh! In my glee to join the cool kids in this little online project, I neglected to fully comprehend the rules of Color Week. Natch. I guess there is supposed to be only one photo per day. Well, I got overexcited and posted a whole bunch of white stuff yesterday. And in browsing everybody else's beautiful work last night, it was really fun to see different themes people picked out too -- like texture, or favorite things in their lives, or only stuff that's important to them. I have to make a confession, I took all my photos for the week yesterday morning. I contemplated waiting to do it each day as the mood struck and stretching it out all week. But then was so caught up in the moment that I wanted to just keep going. I didn't really have a theme in mind, but of course I was drawn to the really pretty stuff in my house that I love. So without even knowing it, I guess I already had a theme similar to some of the ones others are doing. Well, sort of. And I've never been good at rules. So there will probably be two pictures each day. Hopefully I don't get kicked out of the clubhouse :)

A couple of super dooper cool things happened to me yesterday. A friend called to ask about the Bellevue 6th Street art fair that I am doing at the end of July, just to ask some questions about it. I responded a little apprehensively because it's a gigantic booth fee, and this year the layout has changed a bit. I forgot to ask for my most lovely spot in front of the pizza parlor under a huge beautiful tree -- which makes me so sad because I LOVED that spot the last two years and it's always the hottest weekend on record, out on the blazing pavement, and I'm cool as a cuke in that shade all afternoon. But there are construction projects to boot, so half the show has been moved to a stupid parking lot. I know it's unavoidable, and it might even work out fine (even though it's a stupid SLOPED parking lot and everyone will be leaning to one side with crooks in their necks). And yes, of course, I'm in that darned parking lot. So I've been kind of fretting about my prospects as we get closer to the date. After we hung up, I felt worse. Just because I wasn't gung-ho -- for me or for her -- and that's not really what I wanted to project. So as I was working this afternoon, I was trying to make a mental list of what I like about this show, and get excited for how really big and important it is for me to be there and do my best.

Then I get an email. She had gone to their web site to get the map, and lo and behold -- a picture of MY SOAP is the header to the whole web site. Can you believe it? I had no idea. I think it's a sign from the universe. And I expect to have one hell of a weekend out there in the hot pavement selling my little cakes of suds-ibles. Maybe I'll wear one high heeled shoe and one flat one to counteract the slope.

Look at me now!

Gosh, I hope after all that hoopla, my photo actually comes up. It looks like they have a group of about 12 artist's photos that cycle through if you click through to other pages. But each time I tried, mine came up first. It's there, I swear. I sent it to a few folks who said mine was NOT the first to come up (argh) but that they saw it after hitting refresh a few times. So later in the day, I tried on my computer again, and my own photo was number one every time. So at least the message is loud and clear to ME. And a few other folks will catch wind of my photo too, if they visit more than one page, ha.

Ok, number two super cool thing. I don't do much wholesale - but I love to do business with A Lot Of Flowers in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham. The two gals (sisters too!), Penny and Kellie, are the greatest. Kellie called today with an order - a rush order - for all kinds of stuff, but a load of Sandalwood soap. Seems there was a couple who came in the shop and needed the Sandalwood soap. Bought all 6 bars they had left and chastised them for not having more. So they pre-ordered another bunch to arrive specifically for them, saying it's the best Sandalwood soap on Earth, or something to that effect. I'm packing up a big bunch headed north to those sweet folks. And to think that I was just beginning to have inklings that the old tried and true Sandalwood was maybe a little too tired and boring. Maybe jazzing it up with tangerine or something. And the very moment I begin to harbor those thoughts . . . the phone rings. This is such a wild and wonderful ride, isn't it?