Saturday, June 03, 2006

flip FLOP

Yesterday afternoon, after just getting back from the Post Office (big end-of-the-week load: it's done, yippee!) -- I'm shlumping in the door and the phone starts ringing. Groaning and fretting about how I'm a mess, we meet for pizza in less than half an hour, the cat needs dinner, what can I possibly wear, everything's in the laundry, and yikes the floor is so dirty in here I can hardly walk on it, and why didn't I get that done today . . . . but I grab the phone and yes, it's a customer.

"I know your hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, and it's Friday at 5 minutes to 5 and I simply cannot live without more of your Baby Love soap", she cried. How can you not love that? Actually, the Baby Love was (or maybe still is?) one of the ones I was considering phasing out or changing up. But she needs it. And in fact, two other people ordered it specifically this week. And somebody else gave it a rave review in Tacoma on Thursday. So is this the universe telling me to keep it? Probably. But I'm a little slow on the uptake maybe. Anyway, I'm still percolating what I want to do. Every little comment helps, and I'll try to accommodate everyone who simply. cannot. live. without something. :)

So the pizza last night was every bit as good as anticipated. And the movie (Da Vinci Code) was just as bad as they said it was. Maybe worse. Sure, Ron Howard made a mess of it -- those silly flashbacks. But Tom Hanks, well, stank. He just wasn't the right guy for that role. I happen to think he's not a good actor. He has about 3 facial expressions that he uses for everything. The hurt puppy, the confused hurt puppy ("why did you kick me?") and the far-off vacant stare that we are supposed to believe is some kind of deep thinking but usually is my cue to mentally start a grocery list or inspect the shoes of someone across the aisle -- just generally nod off. But we enjoyed the night out anyway. And Columbia City was really hopping last night. Every little store front had live music and kewl folks spilling out onto the sidewalks. Restaurants, bars, even art galleries were all swinging last night! I'll have to make a date to go back there soon.