Friday, June 16, 2006

Color Week - Red Friday

Last day of color week. I took these pictures earlier this week, because I knew I would be running like mad this morning, heading over to set up the 3-day show in Edmonds. I have a little teeny library room which we've painted a deep red. I found this gorgeous Chinese red throw which I use as a tablecloth in there. Each January I like to decorate the house and celebrate Chinese New Year's - probably because I'm so sad that all the holidays are over so quickly and just want to keep going. I found these little plates at Uwajimaya, the fantabulous Asian supermarket here, and like to pull them out for special occasions.

I'm also very fond of bright, red, cheerful poppies. I've had a variety of poppies in the garden over the years. Like the year I sowed seed for the little orange ones that grow by the highway, and had a bumper crop which took over everything. And the smaller little pink ones with the delicate crooked necks. My neighbor used to have a front yard just full of those huge big ones (like here) which have almost all died out now and I miss them. So I planted a great big salmon pink one last year and it must have about 30 blooms on it at the moment, all battered around by the rain and drooping floozily over the supports I've McGyvered around it. Next year I want to add a few more to that corner - these bright red ones and a pale cotton candy pink one.