Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Must Be Blue

I actually really like blue, quite a bit. But you would never know it from the inside of my house. I noticed for the very first time that I have almost no blue decorative items. Yet I am always drawn to blue things -- all kinds of blues. From dark navy, to translucent teal and turquoise, pretty cornflower, and all the robin's eggs and retro-stylish powder blue. Weird. I wonder what that means?

Anyway, I had to go outside to the garden to find some blue stuff, where I have a little line-up of metal lanterns on the potting bench. This one is the rustiest and most charming. And the row of garden gloves which are hanging out just waiting for their next day's work.

An update on the Bellevue show - the news just keeps getting better! The other day I was so excited that I found out they are using a photo of my soap as one of a select few artists to represent their show on the web site. On a high, I called Barbara Larson, who is coordinating the show, to just check in and explain my distress for not remembering to request my favorite spot under the tree. She understood perfectly and put my name on the wait list in case somebody cancelled or otherwise wanted to move. And I thanked her for showcasing my products with the photo on the web site, mentioning that it's kind of an old photo and that I had better ones. They are doing some updating in a couple of weeks again, and adding the full artist list with links to their web sites. And she was so kind, allowing me to send in the new one which will be replaced when they re-do the site. Again, great news. But the best part? Yesterday morning she emailed that I had called at the exact right time, because another artist cancelled who was assigned a booth just two tents over from my favorite spot and she has moved me into the new space. Can it get any better? It's all working out perfectly! So I will once again be located in front of California Pizza Kitchen, on the flat street, right where I wanted to be. Hip hip hooray!