Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mechanical Difficulties

That's what they originally called it. Then they said it was vandalism - gum in the smoke detector, plus some other mysterious mechanical difficulties. They had to fly in a mechanic from Cabo. Then the pilots timed out and had to have a night off. Anyway the flight back from Mexico was cancelled. An overnight stay. A gorgeous resort (for some of us), a very late meal plus drinks, too short a night's rest, and many more hours in line only to find out that a stewardess just timed out. They had to fly in another gal from Cabo. Then there were problems with permits that needed special permission from the Mexican government or some nonsense, all while we were fully loaded and sitting on the tarmac. Insane. We finally left, chaos in Los Angeles with connecting flight arrangements and amazingly I have returned home.

I feel a little underwater this morning. I'm catching up a day late and it's all a bit overwhelming. Missed calls and appointments. A work shift this afternoon at Collage. I'll do what I can to get back to everyone, get a few orders on their way and generally re-orient myself. Maybe there's still a little too much desert and sand in my hair to put more thoughts into words. But it was nice to get away, and maybe nicer to get back.