Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stuck in the tree

Two cats. Got all excited by the watering of the plants and decided to run straight up the trunk, racing each other as high as they could go. And then didn't know how to turn around when the little branches started to sway and crack under the double weight. A little scrambling, a lot of grabbing and they are earthbound once again. Nutters. That was my morning before I left for the festival.

Folklife is a such a wide variety of music and sounds coming from every direction. I've never heard so many types of music. And what seems like a million people, all dressed in their their favorite funky wear -- tie dye, flowy skirts, funky hats, fairy wings, striped socks and hot pink shoes. People who are there to let loose and have fun, tap their toes or shuffle their feet or just shake their groove thing to whatever beat strikes a fancy. For one day, or a few days, they get to lose their inhibitions and do what comes naturally - leave the grown-up world at the office and be a kid again.

So it's most excellent people-watching. And great music. I wish my pretty little booth was busier, but it's an enjoyable way to spend the day anyway. We're not quite half way done. At this point it's too hard to figure out how it will end up, or why, or what happened, or whatever. So I'm just going to show up again tomorrow and smile at the passersby who are all smiling back. And drumming their fingers. And movin' to the groovin'.