Thursday, May 24, 2007

Final preparations

Final day before the whole Folklife festivities begin! I think I've got myself pretty much ready to go. I'm sure I'll be doing some last minute packaging as the weekend goes on. You never know exactly what will sell, what won't, what you'll need more of, etc. I expect a few hours of work in between my days over there, getting a few more soaps labelled or sachets made up. But that's fine. I'm excited to get over there and begin setting up this afternoon.

And it's the last day for orders before the long holiday weekend. I'm finishing up a few orders that need to go out today. And everything else that comes in will wait until Tuesday. I want to have my desk cleaned off by noon, bills paid, mail and packages shipped, all my emails and phone calls returned. So I'm finishing up all those little work items this morning.

What a beautiful, sunny day. The forecast this time is for dry weather - all four days! Even if it's not supposed to be really hot or very sunny, at least it will be pleasant. So it looks promising, and I'm encouraged that I might actually have a good show this time around. So even though I'm going to miss the usual barbeques and activities of the holiday weekend because I'll be working long days for the entire time, I'm especially looking forward to a little prosperity and a bit of free time on the other side of this hectic month. It's all good today.

One other note: my June Collage schedule is up on the calendar. I'll be there full-time as of June 6. We'll rearrange and set up the full display that morning, and I'll be working 4 days per month at the shop from June on.