Friday, May 04, 2007

Underachievers unite!

It was quite a push yesterday, but I got all the phone messages returned, the emails replied to, the orders out, raced off to the work shift . . . and even a bit of laundry started. It feels like too much.

Today I started slower. Took some time to snuggle with the cats who have been so very lonely. Ate a leisurely breakfast. I was thinking that the pace I have become accustomed to is maybe a little pushy. I make these huge lists of work, obligations, committments each day, lists that are almost always unachievable. And it's often because I never even count the numerous other tasks that are just part of living. Like groceries, laundry, putting things away.

So today I'm going to just do the stuff on that invisible list that keep my life in order and balance. I have a pretty busy working weekend ahead, so since it's dark and grey, and I'm tired and woozy, I'm going to underachieve. We really push ourselves so much harder than most other folks in other countries. I'm not sure why. And maybe comparing my lifestyle to a sleepy village in Mexico isn't really fair, but it certainly gets you thinking about what the heck you're actually doing with your life.

Anyway, I'm self-employed. Which primarily means that you work twice as hard for half as much money, no paid benefits or vacations. The only perk I have is setting my own schedule. And today I'm utilizing that little perk by slowing down the gotta do this nows. There's always tomorrow.