Sunday, May 06, 2007

Operative word: Lush

I know I was only away from home for less than a week, but so much happened in my garden while I was gone. It's like the whole thing exploded or something. A total jungle in the back yard, with grass about knee deep, tendrils and vines stretching their fingers out to grab whatever they can. Bleeding hearts that are bigger than Rhode Island. Peony bushes so full of buds that they've fallen on their faces in the mulch below. And the little basket filling starter plants are round chubby babies instead of scraggly twigs. It's amazing how fast things grow here in May.

After my little adventure in the dry, dusty, uninhabited desert - returning to the overwhelming lushness, the awe inspiring number of different shades of green, and the riot of blooming flowers here, everywhere you look . . . you just can NOT be bowled over by the sheer abundance of life and living stuff that surrounds us. I think it's the month of May that inspired the moniker "Emerald City."