Friday, May 18, 2007

U District Street Fair

On the scale of things, having a cold is a pretty minor nuisance. But it's annoying! I haven't been sick for at least a couple of years now with anything. So I'm bummed to be slowed down by this crappy virus. Yah, yah, I should be counting my blessings for so much health - nobody is immune from everything. But the glass is half empty today. I keep spilling it over with the ridiculous clumsiness that seems to accompany this bug.

For anyone who's tried to talk with me in the last few days, for the record, I am not chatting from the bottom of my sock drawer. It's just all this snot in my head that makes my voice sound funny. And rather dumb and out of focus too.

I have no idea what is really happening at the El Stinko factory over here, because my sense of smell is kaput too. Hopefully nothing has gone terribly awry. I've tried to follow all the usual recipes, but you never know. And obviously, with no nose, there is no taste. Which explains why I was able to mindlessly down half a box of Cocoa Puffs cereal while surfing the computer. I couldn't actually taste all that sugar I was eating like a robot. But the sugar buzz later truly hurt and cannot be repeated. Yowtch.

So back to business - this weekend is the U District Street Fair. Oh my gosh, I have to keep this short. Every sentence needs to be typed about 3 times to correct mistakes. For some reason, I can't get my fingers to work this morning either.

This is the first big outdoor show of the year, and it's always very popular. Hopefully the weather won't be as bad as I've been hearing. Even so, there will be sunbreaks between the possible showers, the usual spring stuff we have around here. Here are the details:

Dates: May 19 and 20, 2007
Times: Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 10am-6pm
Location: University Avenue in the U district

Booth Location: Booth #339. A large corner spot on University Way, between 42nd and 43rd streets. Just a few doors down from Finn MacCool's bar, on that side of the street.
For more information: U District Street Fair

I'll have my new gift sets too. Here's the Gardener's Gift Set ($25) which is the perfect little item for all your garden loving friends - any celebrations or parties coming up? Need a hostess gift?