Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another day, another tree

The cats think they are squirrels. This morning, the little one decided to follow a twitchy tail up one tree, across to another, and kept climbing higher and higher until we almost couldn't see her any more. She was on such a mission that there was no calling her down. Frolicking among the branches she started to realize that she didn't know how to come down. And since the ground below is totally covered in brambles and weeds and jungle, I couldn't get close enough to show her the way. Or catch her. But the fall would have been pretty soft - so much undergrowth to slow her down.

But we talked her through it. And a half hour later when I was finally able to grab the little mewing mess out of the lower branches, she ran off, pranced around and rolled herself silly in the catmint, just like it was any other morning and nothing had ever happened. Her sister, who had been pacing down below, and running laps in the tunnels they've made in the jungle over there, gave her a little "knucklehead" slap on the head when they were reunited. Looks like a fun summer ahead.

They've taken to lounging in the back garden on the chair cushions in the sun. And hopping the fence to watch the neighbors cats and dog. The two girls roam together, shoulder to shoulder, like a little girlie gang, making their rounds of the yards on either side of us. I'm hoping to get some work done quickly today so I can hang out with them and do some putzing in the garden later today.

The recap of Folklife is that it was incredibly disappointing as far as money goes. So I'm just fantastically relieved that the month is over. It was one long, super hard, no money, exhausting month that I can close the book on. If I think about it too much, the disappointment and discouragement would overtake me. So I won't. I'll just move on to June. No shows for a couple of weeks. Much less hectic. More time to just enjoy a little bit of summer and do other real life stuff. The poppies and peonies are in full bloom this week, it's supposed to be 86 and sunny today, and there might be a picnic for dinner - what could be better than that?