Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stormy Weather

No more lectures for awhile, I promise. This last week has been a lot of harping, eh?

It's Thursday and the week is quickly coming to an end. We've got forecasts for major storms and winds today, the rain is already pounding us. So I'm going to hide indoors and try to make some serious progress on my winter holiday products. I've got one week before I need to have it all in place. Back around Monday, the two weeks seemed so luxuriously long and far away. And now it's getting a little anxious. So much to do.

This is the part of the business I like best. Working on my own schedule in my little studio. Nothing on my calendar that demands I be somewhere else, no place I must be. Focused on just making new things and working out pretty little packaging. I can turn the phone off for an hour or two if I need solitary time. Or ignore my computer until after lunch if I'm in the middle of something. Just quiet time and puttering about with my ideas.

Cooking today: crock-pot pork roast and pumpkin pie. Obsessing about today: Thane's new H2O mop (and just about everything else they infomercial). Wearing today: leopard print fuzzy slippers. Regretting today: that I missed that darn "Pushing Daisies" show last night. I saw the first one, fell deeply in love with it, and then missed the next two because I just can't differentiate Wednesday night from Thursday night apparently. Dang. Is it online somewhere? Gotta go check it out . . . stay safe out there.