Friday, October 19, 2007


Sometimes it's almost painful to try to think up something fun and interesting to say about my boring, stupid life.

Yesterday's wind storm made the power flicker just long enough to fry my computer. Just MY computer. Not the other one in the house. Just my mainline to all things. I had to brave the elements last night to run it over to the fix-it-up shop, which they did, miraculously. It was touchy and they weren't sure, but it worked out and I'm fine. I swear to GOD this must be the 9th life of my little machine. But I'm not running out to get a new one just yet. I'm in debt up to my eyeballs with supplies for the next couple of months. So it has to hold out until the end of the year when money comes back in. In the meantime, I'll be backing up everything studiously. (Or so I say, although I haven't even done it since I got back from there.)

This morning is just more tediousness. Email not working. Wasted time trouble-shooting and re-setting all the settings to get back online. Weather that is totally freakish - totally black sky that dumps rain so hard you can't see across the street, to blinding sun 10 minutes later. It's about every 10 to 15 minutes that it switches back. Lights on, lights off. Furnace on, furnace off. Windows open, racing around to close everything up. Blowing winds, and then peace. The cats are confused. I'm just running circles trying to keep it together and begin a new project. The morning is half over and I'm nowhere on it.

Today is spray making day. I'm doing a new one, called Jack Frost, that I'm testing this morning. I was playing around with elements the other day and I came up with this -- it smelled so good on the little swab tester. But I need to get it in water and spritz around. And all the other usual suspects are getting made up in huge quantities to last the month. If I can just stand in one place for more than a minute or two.

Oh, and my Ad bag arrived yesterday. It's super cool, but I didn't like the color. Then I noticed the tag said it was made by Alchemy Goods in Seattle. So I looked them up online and they are so darn close to me. Plus they have a huge list of retailers locally that carry their products (and they've got other bags and stuff too - check them out, it's cool). Doh. I paid shipping to have it sent across the country and I could have shopped right here and picked the one I liked.

I emailed them, and they are going to let me swing by and exchange it for the red/maroon color, which wasn't even offered on the Reusable Bags site. They've got lots more options. Seemed like super nice folks, and are holding a bag for me. Visitor hours are next week, can't wait to see their digs and the new bag, whee!

So the rest of the random suds is all dull, dull, dull. Work, work, work. Chores and menial labor. Holed up in my tiny little universe of boringness. Some people can make the everyday sound fun and charming and witty. I, however, can only stare into space glumly and wish I was somewhere else right now.