Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Starving Housewives

Well poo. It's not morning anymore and I promised to post the details for this week's show first thing. The day turned out a little differently than expected. But here's the deal anyway, at last.

The Starving Housewives: Harvest Holiday Craft Show

Location: Bothell Union Hall 302, 18701 - 120th Ave NE, Bothell
Dates: Tuesday through Saturday, October 9 - 13
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 10am-6pm
Link: Starving Housewives

It's a boutique style craft show, meaning that we have our individual displays set up all over the place, but there is one central check-out cashier. As participants, we work a shift during the week, but we are not manning our booths the entire time, well except for folks demo-ing things or doing tasting of their jams and jellies. That sort of thingie. Dana is there personalizing her ornaments. What I saw just in the middle of set-up yesterday was very cool wood birdhouses, a whole corner of spooky Halloween stuff, little piles of antiques, dips and jams and nuts, soft sculpture, pet items, lots of scented hoopla (besides me) like potpourri, lotions, and candles, plus a couple of handmade cards and paper goodies. There's lots more I can't even remember, like kids hats, floral decorations, oh and a whole table of fresh-baked pies. That woman is genius with pies, and they're cheap too.

Ok, that's the rundown. It's a non-descript little building in one of those office park type complexes out by the Seattle Times plant in Bothell. But there's bunches of signs and a big scarecrow pumpkin type display right on the corner where you turn to get into the parking lot.

ETA: what, no picture today? hokay, sorry for the double post, but needed to add the pretty.