Monday, March 05, 2007

Waiting for Spring

I know it's coming. I know it's almost here. The warmer weather over the weekend was just a tease. Because when I tried to tromp around the muddy sludge in the back yard, the grey skies looming overhead, spring seemed so far away. Yes, there are a few daffodils and tulip greens poking out. There is a crocus and a couple of primroses with flowers. But the trees haven't begun to bud. The soggy grass is so very sad. The grey, the mud, the grey. It feels like some weird glitch in time where the wheel of life somehow got stuck and we're frozen in that sort of forever February haze.

In lieu of outdoor activities, I've been inside tossing stuff. Sort of a long, drawn out, never-ending project of cleaning out. Files from long ago years. Boxes of cds I forgot I had. Pulling out all the carefully stowed away stuff that was being saved for projects and ideas that have long since beeh forgotten. Mostly I just want to toss the whole mess and move forward.

I think what's really happening is that I'm antsy to just move on to the next thing, whatever it is, right now. Just get on with it. So today, I will do just that. Get on with it. Hoping for a productive and inspiring week.